UKMT Maths Challenge Success

We like to enter the pupils at Milbourne for a variety of challenging competitions, including the UKMT Maths Challenges.  We enter pupils in Years 4-6 in the Primary Maths Challenge (designed for pupils in Years 5-6), pupils in Years 5-8 for the Junior Maths Challenge (designed for pupils in Years 7-8) and pupils in Years 6-9 the Intermediate Maths Challenge (designed for pupils in Years 9-11).  We don’t consider the age suggestions on the competitions as a barrier for entry, as we have high aspirations of our pupils and a challenging curriculum working towards Academic Scholarships at 13+ which are at the very least GCSE standard.

Once again we have achieved considerable success with 20 pupils in Years 6 to 8 achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.  Two pupils (in Years 6 and 8) have qualified for the Grey Kangaroo follow-on round, and one Year 7 pupil came in the top 500 pupils from Year 9 and below and gained entry to the Cayley Olympiad.  Last year this pupil achieved Gold in the Primary, Junior and Intermediate Challenges, with entry to the Grey Kangaroo, as a result we were able to sign him up for the UKMT Mentoring Scheme, and he works through these problems each month with a highly dedicated long-standing Mathematician at the school.  All the pupils in the school support our particularly able mathematicians wholeheartedly – success in Maths Challenges is as well received in assembly as success in musical and sporting arenas. There is no ceiling on achievement at Milbourne, and we will consider entering the Senior Challenge in the Autumn, designed for those doing their A-Levels.


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