We are lucky enough to have eight and a half acres of beautiful grounds, hard play areas, a stream, a woodland glade, a centenary garden and an outdoor swimming pool to help us offer a huge variety of outdoor activities. We have a beautiful and productive centenary garden and throughout the seasons the children cultivate vegetables, herbs and flowers and also help to attract wildlife and insect diversity with our insect hotel. Our Pre-Prep children enjoy regular ‘Woodland Walks’ where they are encouraged to explore the outdoors and enjoy the countryside around them. We truly believe that so many fundamental skills can be taught and learned through working outside the confines of the classroom.

The children regularly perform in our magical outdoor space, converting our ‘Centenary Garden’ into an wonderful Open Air Theatre, the stage of our Dickensian Evening at Christmas and our Summer Show.

We see each experience as a learning opportunity so the outdoor activities are carefully planned and executed to bring out the very best in our pupils. Not only are they an opportunity to let off steam but they are also a chance to build teamwork, resilience, strength, agility and creativity. Obviously our pupils achieve academically but a practical, spatial and tactical approach to life can only enhance intellect.

At Milbourne Lodge we believe that having time outdoors helps to inspire passion, commitment, community and team spirit. These qualities all develop further on the hockey pitch, during cross country runs, while playing football, rugby, cricket and athletics and all the other extra-curricular activities we offer here. All of these help create the very special atmosphere all our pupils acknowledge and always talk about.


A huge benefit of being part of the Cognita family, is that pupils of Milbourne Lodge have access to Cuffley, Cognita's active learning centerLearn more
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