Years 5 & 6 – Ages 9 to 11

Pre-Testing for entry to Senior Schools takes place in the Autumn Term of Year 6. Pupils are therefore prepared from Year 5 for the various requirements for this. Pupils receive designated lessons that focus on Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning, along with significant preparation for the different styles of interview which they will inevitably face. It is our aim in these crucial years to ensure our pupils feel confident and ready for the rigours of Pre-Testing. However, this does not take away from the curriculum’s breadth and depth. Our pupils have many opportunities to express themselves in Art, IT, Music, Sport and during Extra-Curricular activities such as Debate Club, Chatterbooks and Drama Club.

By Year 6 pupils’ personalities have truly begun to flourish. The more they engage with one another, the better their fluency, articulation and communication skills become. This is testimony to the work, experience, skill and encouragement of the academic staff.

Throughout these two years they face a diverse set of challenges. Ancient Greek is also introduced to the curriculum in Year 6.

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