Pre-Prep Literacy Week – The Beauty of Poetry

Adjectives, alliteration, similes and metaphors were tripping off the children’s tongues (and the end of their sharpened pencils) when PP1 and PP2 set about writing their own poems about one of their favourite topics: animals. All of their work will be sent into a national poetry competition and may even be shortlisted for publishing by ‘Young Writers‘. All our budding poets put Tennyson and Blake to shame as they truly excelled at this creative task. We have chosen a few to share with you here.


By Annabel Weston, RecH

Dogs get muddy
Or play with balls
Get up to no good
Sitting in the puddles.

My dog

By Caijiro Clark, RecD

My dog is cute
He has a short tail
He likes to play with balls
I love my dog.

The Viper

By Lucas Davidge,PP1FM

Ssssssss sslither and sslide,
Here comess the viper.
Ssssssss waiting for a meal to passss.
Wait, wait, wait.
Ssssssss chomp those poisonous fangs.
He is green and slimy.
With fangs as ssharp asss a blade.

What a fright!

By Ben Hoffken, PP1B

The fluffy playful cat,
Had a nap on her mat,
She awoke with a fright,
Because she got tickled by a kite.


Cat and Dog

By Hugo Edwards,PP2E

Clever, Sneaky
Hissing, Scratching, Sprinting
Pussy Cat, Kitten, Pup, Puppy
Chasing, Barking, Sleeping
Friendly, Obedient



The Peregrine Falcon

By Aaron Patara, PP2W

Speeding through the air,
Watching its prey.
Rocketing down to catch its target,
With its needle claws.
It flies like a jet,
Going back to its nest.
Majestically, the Peregrine Falcon flies,
Soaring above the mountains.
Looking down at the world below,
Touring over shimmering waters.

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