Academic Excellence & Leavers' Destinations

We understand that adaptability, thinking critically and thinking for oneself are core life skills for the contemporary world.

We lay the foundations for academic excellence and an impressive number of Milbourne Lodge Alumni graduating from senior school go on to study at Oxbridge. We guide our pupils through the Pre-Prep department where the love of learning and desire to know more begins. Our curriculum prepares children for their next choice of school, having developed confidence and self-assurance from the early days in the Pre-Prep and Prep departments. As the pupils move into Year 7 we offer French, Spanish, Drama, Greek and Latin alongside the other Common Entrance subjects. By the end of their time at Milbourne Lodge each child understands that there is a much greater depth to what they are studying.

Our pupils achieve academic excellence because they learn how to learn. This is a valuable lesson they will take with them and use throughout their lives. Preparing for Pre-Tests, Common Entrance and Scholarship is demanding; Milbourne Lodge pupils cope with this with aplomb.

If you want your child to achieve their potential, be inspired and empowered, creative and curious then our curriculum and approach will do just that.