Milbourne Lodge is very fortunate to have staff that have become part of the fabric of the school. They provide continuity and experience and pupils understand and appreciate the high calibre teaching they receive.

Our staff understand acutely how the children should be taught from the moment they begin at the school to the final days after Common Entrance. Having vast experience they recognise when a pupil may have reached their limit and further pressure might be counterproductive. They treat each child as an individual and instil a desire to become independent thinkers and self-sufficient.

Our staff are passionate and eminently well-qualified to allow each pupil to achieve and really embrace the work ethic. However, they are concerned first and foremost with each pupils’ welfare. It is a subtle blend of demonstrating that lack of effort actually does have consequences, while also ensuring pupils are happy to explore, experiment and enquire.

We see our staff as being approachable, reasonable, kind and in possession of family values. In addition staff like to work closely with parents and develop a positive working partnership.

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