Year 6 pupil – Henry Franke top of UKMT Grey Kangaroo Maths Competition

Huge congratulations to Henry Franke in 4A (Year 6) for achieving a Merit Award (the highest award) in the Grey Kangaroo, designed for pupils in Year 9. This is an exceptional achievement for Henry as he was competing against children 3 years above him at school.

A couple of questions from the competition this year to get you thinking at home:

This year there were more than 800 entrants in the Kangaroo Hop race. Exactly 35% of the

entrants were female and there were 252 more males than females. How many entrants were

there in total?

Eric and Eleanor are training on a 720-metre circular track. They run in opposite directions,

each at a constant speed. Eric takes four minutes to complete the full circuit and Eleanor takes

five minutes. How far does Eleanor run between consecutive meetings of the two runners?

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