Senior Maths Challenge 2021

On Wednesday 10th November, pupils from Years 6,7 and 8 sat the Senior Maths Challenge 2021. Although the Challenge is aimed at Year 12 to 13, the experience gained by our pupils is invaluable. The Mathematics Entrance examinations to secondary school, regardless of the year of entry, focus on problem solving. These are often complex, and it is not the final solution that is important, but the method used to get there. Sitting The Senior Maths Challenge prepares our pupils for the unexpected and helps to develop stamina when such questions arise.

This year our pupils achieved some very good results of which they can be very proud.

The following certificates were achieved:

6 Bronze Certificates : The top 33% achieving a score between 49 and 65 out of 125

1 Silver Certificate: The top 22% achieving a score between 66 and 84 out of 125

1 Gold Certificate and Best in School: The top 11% achieving a score above 85 out of 125.



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