There are very good public transport links in and around the Milbourne Lodge area and we also offer a School Bus from the Wimbledon and Putney Areas. Many pupils are dropped off outside the school which is situated in a residential area. We always remind all parents and carers to drive very slowly and also to exercise extreme care when approaching or leaving the vicinity of the school. A special parking and drop-off system is managed in the morning to ensure that all children arrive in school safely.

Our Reception parents have use of the Church Car Park at morning drop-off and a member of our Pre-Prep staff is on hand to help take the children in to school each morning.


The school bus operates from Putney through Wimbledon and Surbiton and then onto Milbourne Lodge.

In the afternoon, an ‘early’ bus will leave school at 4.15pm and will take children to all stops except for Putney. This bus will then return to school for the ‘late’ bus run – leaving school at approximately 5.20pm. The ‘late’ bus will take children to all stops including Putney. Exact timings will be finalised and advised to parents in the summer holiday, once we have received the application forms and have a list of the stops required etc, however we do not anticipate any significant changes to timings from those in place during the current academic year – please see attached list of the current year bus pick up and drop off points. There is a chaperone on the school bus who assists the children at the various stops and also provides support during the journey.

The school bus is available to children in Years 1 – 8 and Reception children once they have turned 5. Priority will be given to those children who will be using the full service i.e 5 mornings and 5 afternoons per week. Parents may select one of the following Travel options. The termly costs for 2022-2023 are shown in the table below.  The Bus is booked using Cognita Connect – Payments/Offers. Please select the Offer as shown below:

 Cognita Connect Offer Title Putney/Wimbledon stops       (P1-W4) Surbiton stops     (S1-S2) + Hinchley Wood (H1)
Full User – 5 mornings & 5 afternoons £720 £670
Mornings only/Afternoons only £520 £480

Any queries regarding the Home to School Bus Service should be directed to Mrs Evans in the School Office =


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