Our world is a multi-cultural one where education and acknowledgement of difference impacts upon how we live and the way we live together. We are a multi-faith school and we positively promote understanding and tolerance. Having consideration for others at all times is so important at school and it is a fundamental life value. We aim to create a caring environment at Milbourne and a compassionate community.

A traditional school Assembly is at the heart of our school community – we gather regularly to celebrate achievements, commemorate special events and share experiences.

We encourage a real team spirit at Milbourne so that each and every individual feels valued and respected. There is a strong community feel to the school which is promoted by regular assemblies and involvement in House activities. Weekly Form Tutor meetings cover moral, social and citizenship issues appropriate to age. Everyone is encouraged to understand how important it is to work together and support one another.

Our School Council meets on a regular basis and is chaired by our Head of School. They have a voice in introducing new ideas and are encouraged to communicate throughout the school community.

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