In the Prep we currently offer the following extra-curricular activities: Chess, Judo, Speech and Drama, Chatterbooks, Senior Book Club, Cross Country Club, Early Morning Swimming, Tennis and M:Tech.


The aim of this club is to encourage good reading habits. Reading for pleasure is one of the greatest indicators of academic success as well as great fun, so please encourage your son or daughter to attend. Each year group will meet every 3 weeks.

Senior Book Club

We meet on a Wednesday lunchtime and all in L6 and U6 are welcome to join us and nominate the next book we will read and discuss.

We have considered reading some of the shortlisted books for the Carnegie award. ‘One’ by Sarah Crossan was nominated by a student while another suggested we also read ‘the Princess Bride’ by William Goldman. ‘One’ is a deceptively ‘easy’ read but is also a thought-provoking text about conjoined twins that has already stimulated discussion in L6A tutor time! Many may be familiar with the film of ‘The Princess Bride’ but be unaware of its screenwriter William Goldman’s excellent and entertaining novel.

Cross Country Club

Autumn Term only

Friday lunchtime – Meet at 1.25pm

All Prep children can take part in Cross Country Club which takes place every Friday lunchtime at 1.25pm. Suitable training shoes and match tops should be worn.


Thursday or Friday lunchtimes for approximately 45 minutes.

There are two chess groups – one for Year 3 & 4 pupils on Thursdays and the second for Year 4 and above pupils on Fridays. Pupils are divided into the groups depending on age, previous chess experience and other extra-curricular activities.  In the Spring Term, pupils take part in the UK Chess Challenge, the largest chess tournament in the world. Those scoring sufficient points get the opportunity of moving on to the regional Mega finals and even further to the national stages if they show enough talent.


Tuesday 4.15pm – 5pm, Years 3 to 5.

An introduction to contact sports with opportunities for grading.  This is a great Olympic sport that teaches discipline, balance and coordination.  Classes are taken by Lloyd Nicholls – an experienced black belt who is also the Surrey Team Manager. Classes take place in the hall. Initially children can wear their games kit, but should they wish to pursue the activity a Judo kit can be acquired from Mr Nicholls.

Speech and Drama - LAMDA

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from lunchtime onwards.

These lessons are taken by Wayne Hamer, Stagestars Theatre Schools and are in preparation for graded examinations by LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art),  Fees for these examinations are not included in the termly fee, you will be notified accordingly of the additional amount and subsequently this will be added to your end of term account. Lessons are offered in a group (up to 6 children) or as a duo (2 children).

Early Morning Swim Club

Summer Term only

Tuesday 7.30am – 8.30am  Development Squad

Thursday 7.30am -8.30am Performance Squad (by invitation)

A wonderful way to start the day with our Early Morning Swimming Club. Children will be advised as to which squad they should attend.

Tennis Club

Summer Term and first half of Autumn Term

Seniors Forms 4 and L6 – Tuesdays at 5pm

Juniors Forms 1,2 and 3 – Tuesdays – 4.10pm to 4,55pm and Fridays 4.10pm to 4,55pm

M:Tech - 30 minute lessons

Wednesday and Friday – 4.10pm – 5.40pm

M:Tech is a creative composition course in which children create exciting music using the latest music technologies. The course is available to all Prep children and is suitable for all levels of musical ability.

In the Spring 2020 term the children will be working on Project ‘FUTURESCAPE’

Join our digital world by composing with futuristic synths and cyber sound effects. Take control of technology as M:Tech teleports into Project ‘FUTURESCAPE’

A digital download is emailed directly to parents and a Certificate will be given out in assembly at the end of each term. This course is administered directly by M:Tech and so to register your child’s interest please sign up online at or contact Pia, Rebecca or Ann on 01483 578114.

Please note: It is important to understand M:Tech is not a club or an activity. It is a group instrumental lesson teaching creative composition with a clear graded learning curve, therefore we apply the same terms and conditions as for instrumental lessons notice is required by half term in order to stop at the end of term

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