Old Milbournians return to Milbourne Lodge for Reunion

On March 17th we were delighted to welcome back to school a group of 12 Old Milbournians who had spent time at the school in the mid 1950’s. It was a pleasure to meet the gentlemen and to hear their tales of time at the school. The group meet up on an annual basis and this year decided that they would like to visit the school. Our Heads of School Ellie and Sam spent time chatting to the group and then they enjoyed a tour of the school. It was wonderful to see their faces light up as they visited old classrooms!  There were some very interesting and amusing comments and stories told during the morning.

Mr Weiss, who arranged the visit commented, “Thank you all so much for the really wonderful welcome we all received yesterday, everyone really appreciated how much organisation went in to make it very special for us ‘Old Boys’! It was also great to see the School in such a vibrant and engaged atmosphere, I hope the pupils appreciate just how lucky they are. We all felt the spirit of Milbourne was as strong as ever under passionate leadership and clearly, a very supportive staff.

The children who escorted us on the tour were confident, polite, genuinely interested in hearing about our days at the School and are great ambassadors for a Milbourne education.

Mr Handel said, ‘It awakened so many memories in our ‘greying old heads’ – and I was thrilled to see how brilliantly you`re keeping the flag flying and moving forward in what is clearly the most nurturing and positive way.   Please also thank the children who helped keep us on track (we need all the help we can get these days) – and, of course, to the staff who were so cheerful about having their day disrupted!   We ended up with a nostalgic lunch at The Swan (also the retreat of most of our teachers back in the day).

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