Milbourne Lodge Boys help bring Worldwide Under 12 Chess Tournament win!

During lockdown, some of our pupils have been competing online in the Worldwide Under 12 Chess tournament which has been running for several weeks.

In this competition they faced very strong worldwide teams.  Milbourne Lodge Boys: Miles Ong- Seng, Alec Hutchinson, Vishnu Sukamar and Ario Emamy all helped the Surbiton Juniors team rise through the ranks to reach the top league. It was always going to be tough playing in their first ever Worldwide U12s Centre ‘A’ (top division) Team Battle. If they stayed up, that would be a success…

They did stay up… They did even better – They even won! A huge WOW! What a Performance!

A very special mention to Vishnu Sukamar who also helped Surbiton Juniors achieve 1st Place in the Worldwide under 12 Tournament. An awesome result Vishnu!

Worldwide U12 Center A Team Battle

1 Surbiton juniors Jai11 20+15+14+13+11+10+10+10+8+8 119
2 STRATEG STUTTGART M_Pank 24+18+15+11+9+9+9+8+8+6 117
3 Oslo sjakkrets ungdom U12 ChessmanTM7 15+14+12+12+12+12+10+9+9+9 114
4 Chess_Profi Ilyas_T 20+18+14+12+10+9+8+8+7+7 113
5 Latvia Junior Chess Sahakaraliene 12+12+12+11+9+9+9+8+8+7 97
6 СШ 2 Кстово SkvortsovVlad-010612 13+12+9+8+8+8+8+7+7+7 87
7 Schachfreunde München bechhofen_benedikt 12+11+10+10+10+6+5+4+2+2 72
8 Boca Junior Peter_Deadpool 9+9+9+8+8+6+6+5+5+4 69
9 Chess Chile escolar U 11 brawlluis 12+0+0 12
10 Club Ferlonichess Professionalchess01 4 4

Congratulations to Miles, Alec, Ario and of course Vishnu in this fantastic achievement and a tribute to their hard work, dedication and resilience. Also a big thank you to their chess teacher Jo Briscoe who has supported them throughout this event.


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