Halfords Gear-Up! Workshop with Form 3

Halfords Gear-Up! Workshop

We were fortunate enough to have Alan and Sam from the Byfleet Halfords store visit Milbourne Lodge this week to give a practical bike maintenance workshop to Form 3 (Year 5) pupils.  The pupils learnt how to use the letter M to carry out checks on their bikes and how to repair a puncture.  They learnt about how the hot weather can affect tyre pressures and the need to keep their tyres inflated correctly. The children had great fun mending the holes in the inner tubes and pumping back up the tyres.  The workshop finished with a helpful demonstration about how to get the wheel on and off the bike.  Sam made it look so easy and suggested that the pupils practice at home.  Halfords have left some pumps at school so that if any child needs to pump up their tyres at school they can.

The children are currently finalising their entries for a competition to design the bike helmet of the future, the top prize in the national competition would be a new bike for every pupil in Form 3 – a prize well worth winning!

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