Milbourne Lodge was founded in 1912 by Harvey Wyatt, who established the School in Arbrook Lane, Esher. The School remains on its original site with the Prep school year groups occupying the original school building and the Reception classes taught in what was previously the Headmaster’s house.

In 1948 the school was bought by Norman Hale who was Headmaster for fifty-one years. During Mr Hale’s tenure, Milbourne Lodge became one of England’s leading Preparatory Schools recognised for outstanding academic achievements and numerous scholarship awards to top public schools.

In 2007 Milbourne Lodge became part of the Cognita Schools group and in 2009 the School introduced a Year 3 intake, aligning itself with the modern Preparatory School year group structure. A Year 1 intake was also welcomed into the School in response to strong local demand.

Building on this success, September 2009 saw the opening of our thriving Pre-Prep which now incorporates Reception through to Year 2 and two form entry in all year groups. In September 2016 our new Changing Room block was completed. In January 2016, Mrs Judy Waite was appointed Head and a new building complex – The Hale building – was officially opened comprising 6 new classrooms and a specially designed Science Laboratory.

Mission Statement

Milbourne Lodge has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the country’s pre-eminent Prep schools. The character of the school is based strongly on the breadth and depth of the curriculum, on its specialist academic teaching and its success in achieving numerous and varied scholarships, over many years, to leading senior schools. Pupils are expected to stretch themselves and aspire to excellence both in and out of the classroom, guided by passionate and committed teaching staff who encourage and inspire them to fulfil their potential across the entire curriculum.

Aims & Ethos

  • To promote quality, excellence and the highest standards of education for all pupils in order to ensure they reach their full potential and receive the highest standards of teaching and learning.
  • To create a positive and caring atmosphere and environment in which pupils are encouraged and enabled to develop their skills, talents and interests to the full; intellectually, physically and spiritually, regardless of social circumstances, age or religion.
  • To provide a safe and caring community in which all individuals are valued and respected and to strive for the highest standards in pastoral care.
  • To engender a spirit of learning so that pupils regard education as a lifelong process.
  • To offer a range of extra-curricular opportunities and activities to broaden their experiences and to help develop character and personality.
  • To instil in pupils the values of respect for each other, responsibility for their own actions and self-discipline.
  • To help pupils adapt to meet the changing needs of society with courtesy, co- operation, commitment, tolerance and compassion.
  • To place importance on the traditional values of politeness, good manners and sportsmanship. Core values include respect, honesty and kindness and pupils are encouraged to treat others as they would like to be treated themselves.
  • To celebrate the achievements of individuals in all areas of school and community life.
  • To provide equal access to all for equal opportunities.

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