For over a hundred years, Milbournians have been prepared at this school for the challenges that await them at the next stage of their education.  Much, of course, has changed over the years, but some of the guiding principles have remained constant. We continue, as ever, to set the academic bar high, to value sport and extra-curricular activities, to instil a sense of responsibility and good manners and to develop children who are resilient and confident.

I know as a parent and a teacher how precious your child is – which is why my aim, and that of all of us at Milbourne, is to make the school a happy place for them to be, with every child cherished and cared for.  We know that there is far more to education than academic achievement and so the school provides an environment where other talents can be nurtured and celebrated in such a way that your child’s full and individual potential can be fulfilled. Our objective is to develop in your child a love of learning and a capacity for thinking independently, to help him or her to strive to do their best, to enjoy success and to deal with disappointment. As teachers we will help them to build on their strengths and support and help them when they stumble.

The staff here are very special. I am proud of them; of their commitment, their intellectual rigour and the quality of their teaching which is inspirational.  Every day, I see how much genuine care and effort goes into their preparation, and I know they share with me a passion to give your child the very best education.

Children of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome at Milbourne and all are expected to be tolerant and to appreciate and respect differences. The school comes together at a regular morning assembly where we engender a sense of the school as a family and celebrate the achievements of our talented pupils. In everything they do the boys and girls learn to work and play together harmoniously, supporting and encouraging one another.

As a parent of two old Milbournians, I am aware that friendships that develop here continue into life after school and university. I like to think that it is Milbourne’s very special atmosphere of comradeship and team spirit and one where others’ skills and talents are appreciated that has created these bonds and that the years of shared and enjoyable experiences have built the foundations for these long-lasting relationships.

In the end, our overriding objective is to prepare your child for his or her next school. We will prepare each child to be ready to relish the experience of their new school, to be confident in their own skin and to be eager to take the next steps.  That is our task.

Please do come and meet us. You will receive a warm welcome.

Judy Waite

01372 462737